About Us

The salon and spa industry is witnessing high growth the world over, primarily because of technological innovations made in this field. Treatments that were not so long ago very expensive and required extensive downtime is today all in a day’s work for cosmetologists and dermatologists. Many beauty processes such as permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments are completed in under an hour today at top of the line salons and spas.

However, the aesthetic medical industry is highly cluttered with different types of equipment and treatments and it is really difficult for the common man to make sense of it. This is where j-unionsquaresalon.com can help. Our blog spot is devoted exclusively to the beauty scenario and the developments taking place.

To this end, we invite contributions from regular bloggers and amateur writers who have in-depth knowledge in this field. Any news, information, trivia or personal experiences are welcome. However, here are a few suggestions that potential writers to our blog site can consider.

If you have any experience as a seller or handler of technical equipment, tell our readers about their specifications and functionalities so that those looking for beauty treatments will know what to expect, Some of the devices that may be covered by the writers are laser and IPL permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation machines, tattoo removal devices and microdermabrasion equipment. Their pros and cons and side effects of treatment if any can also be discussed.

Another area that can be focussed on is ways and means to optimise operating efficiencies of salons and spas. Owners of salons and spas can contribute in this regard – their trials and tribulations in starting the business and what potential owners can do to overcome the many challenges of the beauty business.

These are some suggestions from our side. There are other hundreds of aspects that can be looked into. Writers are free to decide the topics and send in their contributions.