Permanent Hair Removal Solutions for Men

Hair Removal Solutions

Not so long ago, removal of body hair was strictly the preserve of females only and was restricted to men who were wrestlers, cyclists, swimmers or exotic dancers. Today, men are increasingly opting for hair removal, if not completely at least thinning hair out from certain sections of the body. Generally men want hair removed from between the eyebrows, around the ears and from the back of the neck. There is now an increasing demand for bikini waxing too which has always been the staple of females. However, unlike females for whom hair removal is almost second nature, men who want body hair removed often feel at a loss to decide which treatment will be ideal for them.

Here is a rundown of hair removal solutions for men.

  • Laser hair removal – Beams of light from an IPL laser hair removal machine enters the epidermis and destroys the root or follicle of the hair thus negating re-growth of hair at that place. But since it can destroy only active hair a number of sessions are required for complete hair removal. Each session is done in under half an hour and patients can get back to their normal routines immediately.

This process works best on skin types 1-5 and for dark hair on light skin. Dark coloured skin responds only to YAG laser. Laser hair removal is good for the back, stomach, chest and the genital areas. IPL laser based devices offer safe and affordable treatments without any adverse side effects only if the machines are of the highest quality and handled by trained and qualified technicians. Hence it is advisable that such treatments be opted for in leading salons and spas that have devices imported and distributed by Australian Aesthetic Devices. The company is a leading dealer in such machines in the country.

  • Waxing – The old traditional sticky and honey based waxes are no longer used. These have been replaced by soy waxes which only stick to the hair and not the skin. After the cream is applied, special strips of cloth are laid over it and left to dry. After the mixture has dried, the cloth strips are pulled off with the hair, leaving behind a clean space. The whole process takes just a few minutes and the results last for about a month and a half on an average. Waxing can easily be done for hair on ears, neck, underarms, arms and legs and for eyebrow shaping. However before attempting waxing around the genital area, try out the process on other parts of the body to know the pain levels that might have to be tolerated. Waxing can lead to skin infections so all after-treatment care recommended have to be followed scrupulously.
  • Electrolysis – Very thin needles are inserted in individual hair shafts and a tiny shock of electricity is discharged on the hair follicle. This kills the hair cells permanently, negating the possibility of any future growth. Hence it is a very effective form of permanent hair removal. Treatment for small areas can be completed in under an hour but for eliminating hair on large areas, it can take up to a year as it is a very painstaking process. It is very good for treatments of small areas like the eyebrows or back of the neck. Be prepared for long term commitment if electrolysis is the hair removing chosen option.

These are some of the main methods that men can choose for hair removal apart from the time tested ones like use of shavers and epilators.