Essential Equipment for a Beauty Salon

Salon Equipment

When you talk about essential equipment for a beauty salon, there are basically two things that should be considered. The first is those that facilitate proper functioning of the salon but does not have a direct impact on the services offered. This includes furniture, work cabins, basins, manicure trays and trolleys. The second is the equipment that has a bearing on the core activities of the salon. It can range from the smallest of clippers to large and expensive laser and IPL hair removal machine and microdermabrasion machines.

All these might be must haves for a beauty salon but what you ultimately choose to have in your establishment depends solely on the requirements for specific services by clients in your area of operation. If there is not much of a demand for skin rejuvenation treatments, there is no point in buying a device. You should only do so if you are planning to introduce such services. Even then you should invest in low end models to start off and proceed to upgrade as you increase client base for this service.

The two categories of must have salon equipment will be now taken up in some detail.

  • Core Equipment for a clinic – It is very important that you should choose this segment carefully. Apart from the functionality angle, it will go a long way to increase the glamour quotient of your clinic, thereby keeping you ahead of your competitors. Put special emphasis on the reception area. You can either go for bright leather upholstery furniture or the more traditional soft pastel looks. A huge reception station is usually redundant but the aesthetics of the furniture selected should have a warm welcoming and a personalised touch.

Furniture of work stations must be comfortable yet functional. Choose a height adjustable tilting chair that can be used for multiple purposes such as haircuts and styling, facials, bleaches and manicures. A small basin attached to the top of the chair will help in shampooing and the same basin attached to the foot of the chair will do for pedicures. It is more convenient for customers to avail of a package from a single point than moving around different work stations.

  • Equipment for direct services – This ranges from the smallest of clippers and razors to highly specialised state of the art equipment for exclusive processes. Whatever you buy, it should always be the best available in the market as their quality will have a huge impact on the level of services that you provide to your customers. For example in Australia, if you are buying IPL and laser machines for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and microdermabrasion, opt for machines imported and distributed by Universal IPL. The company imports top end beauty salon and spa equipment from leading manufacturers around the world. These machines are fast and safe and will help optimise your salon services.

A word of caution though! Buy wisely starting from low end limited capacity models and then upgrade as business in this area picks up. There is no justification in purchasing the fastest and top of the line units if you do not have enough clients to enable them to operate at full capacity. Your ROI will be low, investments that you could well channelize into other core activities that would give you immediate high returns.

These are some of the options that you can choose from while purchasing essential equipment for your salon and spa. The ultimate decision and your shopping list should rest solely on specific demographics of customer base and the services that you offer or plan to offer keeping in mind future expansion plans.

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